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  • Baby Care

    Chicco Color Pack for Urban Stroller

    • Colour pack to customise your stroller
    • Hood contains 50+ UV Protection
    • Pram apron can also be used as stroller legcover
    • Includes comfortable harness pads
    65.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Trio Car Kit

    • Trio Car Kit for use with Trio Carrycot during travel
    • It has 2 buckles to fit the carrycot
    • Carrycot fits on back seat using 3 point car seat belts
    • Only a carrycot anchored by this accessory is suitable for the transportation of the baby in the car
    • This car restraint system for newborns has been positively valued by pediatricians
    25.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Universal Double Hooks for Stroller

    • The practical multi-purpose hooks allow you to attach bags, bags and more to the stroller.
    • They rotate 360 ° and can be easily installed on all strollers by means of a Velcro textile tape.
    • product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 2 cm
    • Package Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm
    • Weight: 0.09KG
    14.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    لهاية سيليكون مريحه من شيكو 4+ ألوان متعددة

    • لطيفة وناعمة على بشرة الطفل الرقيقة
    • تتيح قاعدة الحلمة الناعمة والناعمة إغلاق فم الطفل بشكل طبيعي عند المص.
    • ضمان مرور الهواء لتجنب ركود اللعاب والسماح لبشرة الطفل بالتنفس.
    4.20 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Soother Ph.comfort Pink Sil 12m+ 1pc C

    • The comfortable shape leaves a free space between the chin and nose to facilitate breathing and moving
    • The jumper is made of soft and durable silicone.
    4.20 JOD
  • Baby Care

    حاملة لهاية مزدوجة اكثر من لون للأطفال من شيكو

    • حمل في الحقيبة أو تعليق في عربة الأطفال.
    • قابلة للتحويل إلى اثنين من أصحاب الأكواب الفردية.
    • مثالية لفصل اللهاية في الاستخدام من تلك النظيفة بالفعل.
    4.25 JOD
  • Baby Care

    حفاظات عالية الامتصاص (بلس) من شيكو

    • حفاضات رقيقة ومريحة لارتداء لأقصى قدر من التنقل الطفل
    • يمنع تسرب تسرب الجانب الناعم الرطوبة من التسرب
    • لطيف ويتكيف مع الساقين
    5.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Maternity Belt - Small Size

    • Maternity support belt made of soft elastic fabric to ensure top support following the contour of your belly without pressing it. A practical velcro strap ensures a perfect fit.
    • Small Size = 80 (European Measurement) / 36 (Anglo-American Measurement)
    • Medium Size = 85 (European Measurement) / 38 (Anglo-American Measurement)
    34.65 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Nature Glass 240ml Bottle - Silicone Flow

    • Slow flow teat.
    • Anti-colic effect: the anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air intake, helping to reduce irritability, reflux and post-intake colic.
    • Quiet and uninterrupted feeding: Its wide mouth facilitates the placement of the child's lips, favouring suction. Its raised rings offer a more natural feel.
    9.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    chicco SterilNatural 2in1

    • Fast: Sterilises in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded)
    • 24-hour protection: as long as the cap is closed, the objects will remain disinfected
    • Compatible: Compatible with all Chicco feeding bottles, breast pump and Chicco accessories
    75.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fresh Relax Cherry Teethers

    • This Fresh Relax teether from Chicco that has the shape of cherry is designed to soothe gums during the 4M+ teething phase.
    • Chicco has designed a complete range of products to meet the individual needs of babies during the various teething phases (2m+chewing, 4m+ refreshing, 6m+ stimulating).
    6.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Door Stop

    • The Door Lock helps to prevent the door from moving
    • preventing children from being closed by mistake in a room
    4.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Manual breast pump Step Up

    • A useful aid to extend breastfeeding whilst ensuring all the effectiveness
    • The innovative Chicco System makes expression easier
    • Thanks to the ergonomic handle with soft covering which ensures ease of use
    52.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    كوب الاستحمام - 15 × 10 × 15.5 سم

    • تصب الماء بسهولة على رأس طفلك وتغسل الشامبو وتحافظ على جفاف عينيك. يحتوي جهاز شطف الشعر الخاص بنا على مقبض رائع للإمساك بالكوب كما أن حافة السيليكون الناعمة تشعرك بالراحة على جبين الطفل.

    3.95 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Bottle Brush Set

    • Bottle brush set which allows to clean any type of feeding bottles and accessories.
    • indispensable for cleaning the products used for artificial feeding.
    • feeding bottle brush with bristle in nylon is hygienic & is suitable for any bottle.
    • designed to eliminate any grease or residues without damaging the product’s inner surface.
    6.60 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Physio Soft Soother Silicone 4M+ 1P Colored

    • It helps the baby's mouth and tongue action to develop properly and satisfies his natural sucking instinct.
    • Research on the Chicco Orthodontic Teat was conducted by a Scientific Committee comprising Orthodontic University Lecturers.
    4.20 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Simplicity Baby Stroller 0m+, Blue / Red

    • Recommended baby Weight: Upto 15Kg
    • Infant Car Seat Compatible: Compatible with Chicco Keyfit car seat
    • Reclining Positions: Adjustable to 4-recline position
    • Brakes: 1 Step Brake
    215.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    كوب الاستحمام - 19.5 × 9 سم

    • مادة بلاستيكية متينة بمقبض مريح تجعلها سهلة الإمساك والسكب.
    • سهل الاستخدام. يمر الماء مباشرة عبر شعر الطفل.
    1.25 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors Pink / Light Blue

    • These baby nail scissors made in stainless steel and have a curved blade with rounded ends and rubber inside finger holes to ensure complete safety during use.
    • They come with a cover to hygienically protect the blades when not in use.
    5.85 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Body lotion 500 ml pack 2

    • It moisturizes baby's skin, making it wonderfully smooth and soft.
    • It contains sweet almond milk, with softening and nourishing properties.
    • Non-oily and quickly absorbed by the skin.
    • Parabens, alcohol, and dyes free.
    8.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    مضخة ثدي كلاسيكية يدوية من ماركة شيكو

    • توفر مضخة الثدي الطبيعية مع كوب الثدي التشريحي أقصى دعم ممكن
    • تستخدم إذا كان لديك حليب فائض وتجد صعوبة في إفراغ الثدي تمامًا
    • من المفيد أيضا إذا كنت لا تستطيع إطعام الطفل مباشرة
    45.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Easy Sleep Cot

    • Double protection on the base
    • Padded mattress
    • Security stand 
    • Sturdy base for a perfect resting area
    150.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    اضاءة الهلال الخافتة السحرية مع حساس صوئي للإضاءة الأوتوماتيكية من شيكو

    • يتكيف ضوء مصباح الليل التلقائي شيكو بيبي مون مع سطوع الغرفة ، ويطمئن الطفل في الليل ، ويساعد الوالدين على التحرك حول الطفل في الظلام.
    • شكله الحصري يسمح بالنشر الأمثل للضوء.
    • يتكيف ضوء الليل مع غالبية المقابس بفضل حجمه الصغير.
    14.70 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze Cover For Group 2-3 -white

    • over, practical design for the car seat
    • the side is made of breathable 3D mesh fabric and the other side in contact with the child sponge.
    • Designed to be placed on the most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat.
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    35.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Lullaby Easy Playard- Red Wave

    • Comfort bassinet for 0 months baby, equipped with relaxing toybar
    • Playing area for your child when the child outgrows the bassinet
    • Easy snap-on/snap-off diaper changer
    • Fast & easy to set up and store
    • Two wheels for mobility
    385.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze for Group 1

    • Practical breathable cover for the car seat with a breathable 3D mesh face and the other side in contact with the child in a sponge.
    • Designed to be positioned on the areas most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat. 
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    45.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco cup holder for Chicco strollers

    • Keep Your Travel Cup, Bottle or Cell Phone within Reach
    • Perfect for Strollers, Shopping Carts, Beach Chair and More
    • Can Be Used Almost Everywhere. Travel With Easiness
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze Cover For Group 0+

    • Cover, practical design for the car seat
    • the side is made of breathable 3D mesh fabric and the other side in contact with the child sponge.
    • Designed to be placed on the most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat.
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    35.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Wedge Glacier Pregnancy Pillow

    • Lightweight and compact in size to be taken with you anywhere, on vacation, traveling, in the office.
    • The cushion is completely removable.
    • Its small size makes it the ideal travel companion.
    • Double support: for the belly and for the hips.
    20.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Extension for Door Gate 72 mm

    • Chicco Extension Doorgate
    • Optional extra for Nightlight Safety Gate
    • Extends gate by up to 72cm
    • Maximum of one gate extension to be used
    • Easy to fit without tools
    25.00 JOD