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Anti Milk Residues Fast Flow Breast Pump

  • Extracts residual milk
  • Anatomical breast cup
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Soft silicone rubber membrane
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Leaving excess breast milk without extracting it can cause lumps and other problems. This Chicco Anti Milk Residues Fast Flow Breast Pump - Manual has been designed to ensure that all the residual milk is extracted, thus stimulating lactation.


  • Extracts residual milk: This breast pump helps extract residual milk, thus stimulating lactation and prevents the formation of lumps.
  • Anatomical breast cup: The anatomical breast cup makes the pump user-friendly and at the same time speeds up the process of expressing milk.
  • Easy and quick to use: As this breast pump is easy and quick to use, you won’t be spending much time on assembling it.
  • Soft silicone rubber membrane: For your comfort and to stimulate the mammary glands, this breast pump has been provided with a soft silicone rubber membrane.

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