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Lenovo C24-20 23.8" Full HD VGA & HDMI 3 Years Warranty

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Big just right

The diagonal of the display 23.8 inches (60.45 centimeters) is a completely universal size for almost any use. Ideal for movie entertainment, playing computer games or surfing the web. If you don't know the right size, you certainly won't make a mistake by purchasing a Lenovo C24-20 monitor.


Diagonal of the display in inchesDimensions in centimeters
23.8 "(60.45 cm)


Sensational image in Full HD resolution 

The subtle Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) takes the viewing experience to the next level, displaying even the smallest details in detail on the 23.8 "widescreen screen. You can enjoy movies and games better, and display more content in high definition, which you will appreciate For example, when working in multiple open windows or several applications running at once, multitasking is simply a breeze on this Lenovo monitor.


Image resolution in pixelsAspect Ratio
1920 x 1080 (Full HD)16: 9


High contrast and real black

Black is really black. You can see the exceptional image quality of VA technology at a glance on the Lenovo C24-20 monitor. The technology excels in higher contrast, color variety and short reaction time at an affordable price. Thanks to this, the monitor has universal usability, it is suitable for home or office, as well as for playing games. The following separate article will tell you more about this technology .


Image technologyViewing angles
VA / MVA / PVA178 °


Matt surface for maximum concentration

The matte finish of the VA / MVA / PVA display ensures that you will never be disturbed by any annoying reflections, so you can fully concentrate on what you are doing. You'll appreciate the benefits of Lenovo's matte display, especially when working in bright rooms and when direct light rays on your monitor.

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