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  • Baby Care

    Chicco Color Pack for Urban Stroller

    • Colour pack to customise your stroller
    • Hood contains 50+ UV Protection
    • Pram apron can also be used as stroller legcover
    • Includes comfortable harness pads
    65.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Mosquito Net for Carry Cot

    • The mosquito net protecting the child against mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
    • It provides protection and is made of breathable mesh fabric.
    10.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Carrycot Mattress

    • Soft mattress for the first naps
    • complete Bearing
    • comfortable
    • High breathability
    • Hand Washable 
    38.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Trio Car Kit

    • Trio Car Kit for use with Trio Carrycot during travel
    • It has 2 buckles to fit the carrycot
    • Carrycot fits on back seat using 3 point car seat belts
    • Only a carrycot anchored by this accessory is suitable for the transportation of the baby in the car
    • This car restraint system for newborns has been positively valued by pediatricians
    25.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Snappy stroller Multi-color

    • lightest frame, compact and easy to close (umbrella-fold)
    • Ergonomic handles
    • Reclining rigid backrest (adjustable to 2 positions)
    • Rigid leg rest (footboard)
    • 5-point safety harness (max safety)
    95.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Duo Love Motion, trolley and landau Red Passion

    • is the 2-in-1 system that includes all the accessories your child needs, representing the ally of all parents in everyday life. 
    • It also represents the best comfort for your chicken, the maximum functionality for you, as a parent, in a free translation: "a simpler and happier life." 
    • the saddle is reversible in one movement: facing the parent or the normal stroller. 
    • Chicco Duo Love is the most comfortable solution for your baby since its first days of life. 
    • the folding system is intuitive and extremely easy with one hand.
    800.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Together twin stroller coal

    • Practical item holder on the handle and dual bottle holder compartment
    • Dynamic style and aluminum frame
    • Matching dual leg cover included
    • Full rain cover
    • The car seats can be attached and removed so easily, and with just one hand
    460.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Mosquito Net For Stroller

    • Ensure that nothing 'bugs' your baby when you're enjoying the great outdoors together!
    • Fits snugly over the stroller, elastic edges hold it in place
    • Protects Baby from mosquito and insects on the go, Machine wash Cold, line dry 
    10.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Universal Warm Foot muff

    • Universal footmuff warm soft and cozy which protects your child from the cold.
    • To use it, pass the straps of the pram in the slots located at the back of the footmuff.
    • Age Reference: From birth to 18 months.
    50.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Storage Net - Black

    • Perfect storage for phones, small baby toys, bottles, etc
    • The net bag attachable to the handle of the pushchair
    • Foldable for easy storage when not in use
    • Weight: 0.6KG
    • Shipping Weight: 0.8KG
    12.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Universal Double Hooks for Stroller

    • The practical multi-purpose hooks allow you to attach bags, bags and more to the stroller.
    • They rotate 360 ° and can be easily installed on all strollers by means of a Velcro textile tape.
    • product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 2 cm
    • Package Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm
    • Weight: 0.09KG
    14.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Ultra Soft Baby Carrier Black

    • 2-in-1: Faces in towards mom/dad or faces out for baby to explore
    • Soft, mini-vented lining, mesh side panels, and adjustable side straps
    • Parent shoulder straps adjust to accommodate mom or dad
    • Machine-washable bib and two mesh storage pockets
    • Cuddle pocket helps create an added sense of closeness
    44.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Miinimo Stroller Black Night

    • Suitable for newborns up to 36 months (or 15 kg).
    • Compact, one-hand folding for convenience.
    • Fully reclining and adjustable backrest in 4 positions.
    • Seat approved from birth in the flat position.
    • Adjustable leg rest.
    298.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Finder Backpack Stone/Red

    • Baby carrier backpack
    • Aluminum frame
    • Suitable from 6 months up to a weight of 15 kg
    • Baby carrier backpack weight: 3 kg
    • Soft, padded seat
    130.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco 123 Baby - Orange/Silver/Green

    • Suitable from Six Months to 3 years approximately
    • 6 months + it is a baby walker
    • 9 months + it is a first step push along walker
    • 18 months + it is a little bicycle
    • Height adjustable thanks to two practical buttons
    189.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Goodnight Playard - Blue/Graphite

    • Mesh side panels so that mum can keep an eye on baby and for ventilation, during those hot and stuffy summer nights.
    • A quick and easy to use opening and closing release system.
    • Features a double action safety lever on the base to prevent accidental closing.
    • A sturdy but lightweight frame.
    • Product Dimensions: 122 x 63 x 79 cm
    120.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Lullaby Easy Playard- Red Wave

    • Comfort bassinet for 0 months baby, equipped with relaxing toybar
    • Playing area for your child when the child outgrows the bassinet
    • Easy snap-on/snap-off diaper changer
    • Fast & easy to set up and store
    • Two wheels for mobility
    385.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Extension for Door Gate 72 mm

    • Chicco Extension Doorgate
    • Optional extra for Nightlight Safety Gate
    • Extends gate by up to 72cm
    • Maximum of one gate extension to be used
    • Easy to fit without tools
    25.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Extension for Door Gate 360 mm

    • Use with the Chicco Nightlight Safety Door Gate
    • Extend an additional 360mm
    • Can be fitted without tools as pressure fit.
    • Height 76cm
    35.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Thermal food container system 6m+

    • Suitable from 6 months on
    • Items delivered: 1 container that holds 180 ml, 1 thermo-container
    • Suitable for transporting, freezing and warming food and keeping food cool/ warm
    • Linkage system that holds containers tightly when slotted together
    31.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Kidfit Zip Air Booster - Quantum

    • Lined with EPS energy absorption foam for side impact protection
    • Seat cushions for extra padding, extended durability, and easy cleaning
    • Zip-off backrest and seat for machine washing
    • Adjustable and removable backrest
    • 3D Air mesh fabric for improved ventilation​
    169.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Advanced Cup 12m+ Girl Pack 2

    • A shortbread to get used to gradually drinking like a straw
    • A round bite resistant bite facilitates the introduction of the straw.
    • Valve for easy-to-drink sips: Does not drip with a valve or free flow for easier swallowing.
    11.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Air Pillow For Cot

    • Pillow Chicco Air is created for comfortable rest of the child
    • The correct position of the neck is maintained due to the small thickness of the pillow
    • he internal perforated structure ensures a constant air circulation
    9.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Anti mosquito ultra sound portable

    • This anti mosquito device operates with ultrasound technology
    • annoy the mosquitoes, but without causing any undesired effect to people
    •  Particularly suitable for the outdoors
    • equipped with a practical clip to be attached to the wheelchair or stroller
    16.80 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Baby Laundry Detergent 1-5 LT

    • specially formulated to clean the garments of the little ones without being aggressive on the tissues and on the skin.
    • without dyes, is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.
    • effectively removes even the most difficult stains
    • leaving the clothes clean and delicately scented.
    8.25 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze Cover For Group 0+

    • Cover, practical design for the car seat
    • the side is made of breathable 3D mesh fabric and the other side in contact with the child sponge.
    • Designed to be placed on the most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat.
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    35.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Travel Breeze for Group 1

    • Practical breathable cover for the car seat with a breathable 3D mesh face and the other side in contact with the child in a sponge.
    • Designed to be positioned on the areas most in contact with the body of the child.
    • Easy to install in the car seat. 
    • Stable in the car seat. 
    45.00 JOD