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  • Beter
    Bath & Body

    Beter Hydrating Socks MAGIC FEET

    • Magic Feet & Hands ultra moisturizing gel socks
    • These socks give your feet a special treat
    • moisturizing
    •  relaxing and rejuvenating skin that is dry and rough or has calluses. At the same time, they prevent irritation caused by rubbing or pressure by shoes. Their healing effect can be boosted by also applying your usual cream, lotion or oil
    10.50 JOD
  • Beter
    Bath & Body

    Beter Sea Bath Sponge Small

    Extremely soft, it is suitable for bathing babies and for sensitive skins, especially after waxing or sun exposure.
    4.30 JOD
  • Beter Body Konjak Sponge Mimos
    Bath & Body

    Beter Body Konjak Sponge Mimos

    MIMOS Bath Konjac sponge 100% natural, made with Konjac plant fibre, Beter Mimos has a surprising texture that comes from the Konjac plant fibres which are taken from the root of this native Asian plant.
    3.40 JOD
  • Beter Mirror ohhh
    Bath & Body

    Beter Mirror ohhh

    The macro mirror that sees everything Place it on your bathroom mirror. Just clean the desired surface wet a little the suction pads that are on the back and fix it. This way your magical mirror will always be ready to take care of your face.
    8.70 JOD
  • Beter
    Bath & Body

    Beter Invigorating Glove

    • Bath glove
    • Ideal for both the bath and the shower
    •  this glove will help stimulate circulation and exfoliate your skin, leaving it softer and cleaner
    1.80 JOD
  • Beter
    Bath & Body

    Beter Movable mirror with sucker (x7) VIVA

    • Double bath mirror x7
    • Security suction pad
    • Swivelling
    • No drills! Sticks to smooth, non-porous surfaces to be used in different positions. Square frame and x7 magnified mirror to see every little detail.
    17.20 JOD
  • Beter
    Bath & Body

    Beter Revolving and foldable mirror (x7) VIVA

    • Foldable mirror (x7)
    • Double mirror: x7 magnified mirror to see every last detail
    • Swivelling and with foldable handle
    •  it can be hung or used on a dressing table
    12.60 JOD
  • Beter Natural Pumice Stone
    Bath & Body

    Beter Natural Pumice Stone

    Natural pumice stone Very useful for reducing calluses on your feet. Give your feet a footbath in soapy water to soften the skin, and then rub the area to be treated in circular motions until your skin is soft and smooth
    4.85 JOD
  • Severin
    Bath & Body

    Severin Lint Shaver CS 7976

    • Handy lint shaver
    • Suitable for easy removing of fluffs or knobs
    • Spacer for coarser woollen surfaces
    • Metal fluff grid
    10.00 JOD
  • Home Electric Smart Scale
    Home Electric
    Bath & Body

    Home Electric Smart Scale

    • With Bluetooth 
    • Digital Display
    • Glass Plate
    • You can Pair It with OKOK app by Using the Bluetooth Technology
    25.00 JOD