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  • kitchen Appliances

    Sinbo Mini Toaster 750W

    Sandwich maker
    Model: SSM2513
    Power (watts): 750
    Capacity (slice): 2
    Heat setting: No
    Plate Type: Non-stick plate
    Detachable Panel: No
    Grill Function: No
    Black color

    9.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    TEFAL Pot Holder, Silicone - K1298314

    • "High-quality, heat-resistant kitchen tools and gadgets designed to make cooking easier every day
    • Easy and practical pot holder with striking aesthetic that fits into any kitchen
    • High-quality silicone inner grip capable of withstanding temperatures up to 230 °C
    • Non-slip inner grip for safety and ease-of-use "
    10.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    Samix stand mixer is high quality for preparing food.



    Brand: Samix.

    Number of speeds: 2.

    Power: 300 watts.

    Made of strong stainless steel.

    the color is white.

    11.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Stork Chopper 1 Ltr-300 Watt

    Stork chopper is a high-quality 300-watt chopper that helps you chop vegetables and meat with ease.



    It comes with sharp stainless steel blades.



    Power: 300 watts.



    Brand: Stork.


    Sharp stainless steel blades.



    Capacity: 1 liter.

    11.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Tefal Comfort Gadget Kitchen Gloves K1298214

    • High-quality, heat-resistant kitchen tools and gadgets designed to make cooking easier every day
    • Easy and practical oven mitt with striking aesthetic that fits into any kitchen
    • High-quality silicone inner grip capable of withstanding temperatures up to 230 °C
    • Non-slip inner grip for safety and ease-of-use
    12.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    Daewoo blender, high-quality, with a power of 300 watts, helps you prepare and prepare the meals you want with ease, in addition to its multiple uses in making sweets.




    Power: 300 watts.



    The number of speeds: 6 speeds + turbo button.



    Two stainless steel whisking mixers.

    13.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    High-quality Home Electric 250W hand blender for perfect and fast performance.


    The number of speeds: 1 speed.

    Comes with two blades of durable stainless steel.

    Power: 250 watts.

    13.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    A high-quality 200-watt electric mixer from Home Electric for better performance in preparing food and desserts.



    The number of speeds: 5 speeds.



    In addition to the turbo speed.


    The number of whisks: 2 bats.


    The number of dough hooks: 2 beaters.


    Power: 200 watts.

    14.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    The stork hand mixer is versatile and functional.



    Power / Wattage: 250 Watts.



    Speed settings: 5 speeds.



    Product Type: Electric Hand Whisk.



    Functions: mixing, grinding, and whipping.



    The number of attachments: 4 attachments.

    15.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    CONTI Hand Blender 350 Watt

    Conti hand blender is high quality and powerful 600 multi-function, characterized by ease of use and perfect blending performance.



    Brand: Conti.

    Powerful 350-watt motor.

    Stainless steel blades for perfect fast mixing and mixing.

    Comfort - Conveniently grip handle that fits comfortably in the hand.

    17.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    SONA Blender 400W white

    Powerful 2 speeds & pulse motor (400W)
    1.5L plastic jar
    lock Practical safety Lock System
    Stainless steel blade & Copper Motor
    GS.CE European certification

    18.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Gold Sky Blender With Grinder 1.5L

    Gold Sky High-Quality Multifunctional Blender.



    Capacity: 1.5 liters.



    The number of speeds: two different speeds.



    Sharp stainless steel blades for better blending.


    Non-slip rubber feet.

    19.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Samix Blender 350 Watt

    Samix SNK-1303 Blender.


    350 Watt.


    Capacity: 1.5 L.


    Stainless steel blades.


    2 Speeds W- Pulse Function.


    Tap & Stir bar for convenient use.


    Anti-slip feet design.

    19.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    SEVERIN Sandwich-Toaster 600 Watt

    SEVERIN Sandwich-Toaster 600 Watt.



    non-stick coating prevents slices of toast from sticking and makes cleaning easier.



    pilot standby light and ready-to-use indicator for precise toasting time control.



    heat-resistant housing with stainless steel panel.



    heat-insulated handle with locking clip guarantees safe operation.



    space-saving vertical storage.

    19.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    Powerful and fast chopping for better performance !!


    This high-quality Home Electric Meat and Vegetable Chopper can chop vegetables at high-speed thanks to its sharpened stainless steel blades.



    Brand: Home Electric.


    Capacity: 1.5 liters.


    Power: 300 watts.

    19.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Sinbo multi blender 1.0L 400W

    Multi Mixer Set
    Power: 1000 watts
    Turbo function: Yes
    Speed adjustment: adjustable
    Measuring flask (ml): 800
    Cutting Bowl (ml): 1500
    White color
    Blade stainless steel mixer: Yes

    19.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    SAMIX Blender

    Model: SNK-1831
    Power: 350 watts
    Capacity: 1.5 liters
    3 speeds
    Stainless steel blades
    Coffee machine accessory

    19.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances


    The multi-use hand blender with 300-watt power from Home Electric for the best performance while preparing food and at high speed comes with a 750 ml chopper.


    It comes with 2 stainless steel blades.

    Cup Capacity: 650 ml.

    Power: 300 watts.

    20.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    CONTI Hand mixer 250 watt

    The Conti electric hand mixer with five different speeds and a power of 250 watts allows you to mix or mix for longer periods without fatigue, you can more easily mix cake-cream as well as kneading and mixing dough to prepare the best and most delicious desserts and pancakes.



    Brand: Conti.


    The number of speeds: 5 speeds.


    Power: 250 watts.

    21.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Panasonic Blender 1.4L

    Classification: Panasonic high-quality blender with the mill.


    Power: 400 watts.


    Capacity: 1.4 liters.


    Outer body: plastic.

    22.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    HOME ELECTRIC Blender 300W With Grinder

    Home Electric is a high-quality blender with a 300-watt capacity and 1.5-liter capacity that is versatile to give you the best performance during use. It comes with an additional grinder with sharp stainless steel blades for quick blending in a few seconds.



    Brand: Home Electric.


    Power: 300 watts.


    Capacity: 1.5 liters.


    Attachments: additional mill.

    23.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    STORCK Multi-Purpose Grill 1400 WATT

    Grilling made easy today with this amazing grill from Stork !!


    This grill allows you to cook all kinds of food to make every meal unforgettable.


    Stork grill comes with a power of 1400 watts.


    The possibility of controlling the temperature.


    Non-stick coated panels.

    24.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Samix CHOPPER 2L

    SAMIX Vegetable and Meat Chopper with 400-watt power and sharp stainless steel blades for fast chopping in a few seconds.



    Power: 400 watts.


    Bowl body: Plastic.


    The number of speeds: high/low speed.


    Double stainless steel blades for cutting in seconds.


    Capacity: 2 liters.

    24.00 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    DAEWOO BLENDER 3 PCS 430 Watt - 1.5 L

    Daewoo Blender 430W High-Quality 1.5L Capacity - Stainless Steel Bowl.


    3 uses in one high-quality blender.


    Power: 430 watts.


    Bowl capacity: 1.5 liters.

    24.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    Samix Sandwich Grill Non-stick 1500W

    SAMIX Toaster high quality 1500 watts power.



    Equipped with a light indicator that indicates the readiness to start using.



    Body coated with heat-resistant material.



    Non-stick cooking plates.



    Supplied with a retractable tray as a tank for liquefied fat.



    Color: Silver.

    24.95 JOD
  • kitchen Appliances

    SHARP Chopper 150 Watt-1 Liter Capacity

    Sharp chopper with a capacity of 1 liter and 150 watts of high quality and performance during use.



    Power: 150 watts.


    Capacity: 1 liter.


    Two sharp stainless steel blades.


    Dishwasher safe.


    Soft-touch and push button.

    25.00 JOD