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  • Baby Feeding

    Chicco First Cutlery 12M+

    • The rounded ends of the fork ensure the safety of the baby's mouth
    • The design of the comfortable handles makes it easier for the child
    4.20 JOD
  • Puzzle

    Clementoni Puzzle 500 Pieces H.Q

    • 500PC HQC: The most fascinating images quality printing precise fitting strong and rich materials. All these things define Clementonis High-Quality Collection. An elegant puzzle line designed for those who have a passion for details. 
    9.95 JOD
  • Baby Feeding

    Chicco Bottle Brush Set

    • Bottle brush set which allows to clean any type of feeding bottles and accessories.
    • indispensable for cleaning the products used for artificial feeding.
    • feeding bottle brush with bristle in nylon is hygienic & is suitable for any bottle.
    • designed to eliminate any grease or residues without damaging the product’s inner surface.
    6.60 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Globber MASTER Lights Scooter

    • 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids aged 4 to 14 years with an easy-to-use and safe, patented push-button folding system. 
    • Extra-wide scooter deck with a premium, anti-slip EVA foam deck design is a 5-height adjustable scooter with extra-wide, curved handlebars, for added comfort while scooting. 
    120.00 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Chicco Fun Rattle Giraffe

    • Fun teething rattle which stimulates manual coordination and teething
    • Light and easy to grasp the rattle, parts in soft plastic give relief during teething.
    • The giraffes head rotates to make a fun sound.
    16.00 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Chicco Stunt Car Henry McLoad - Yellow

    • The new fleet of pull-back cars with great effects.
    • Small, collectible cars.
    • The car is charged by pulling it back, then sent racing by pressing down on the roof.
    • 3 stunts: Wheelie: The car drives on the two rear wheels.
    • Age: 6m+
    15.00 JOD
  • Swimming Pool & Accessories

    WAVE LOUNGE , 1.9mx1.00m


    Dimensions:L 14.17 x W 12.2 x H 11cm

    Colour: two-tone cream

    28.00 JOD
  • Baby Feeding

    Chicco Physio Air Soother with Case Silicone 12M+ Boy 2PCS

    • 2 per pack
    •  Ergonomically shaped Adapts to the baby's face and keeps enough distance to chin and nose; with safety ring
    •  Vents: Designed to guarantee maximum ventilation
    •  Rounded profile: Gently lies on baby's skin
    7.60 JOD
  • Play - New Releases

    Monopoly Amman

    • Amman Monopoly is the fast-dealing property trading game that you will have the whole family buying, selling, and having a blast.
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Stay Warm Plate 2in1 6M+

    • The double plate consisting of a heating base and bowl
    • The capacity of these plates is designed based on the child's feeding
    • The smaller plate, due to the presence of a warmer, can be filled with warm water, helping to keep the food warm for longer.
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco - Easy Sleep Cot

    • Double protection on the base
    • Padded mattress
    • Security stand 
    • Sturdy base for a perfect resting area
    150.00 JOD
  • Baby Feeding

    Chicco Nature Glass 240ml Bottle - Silicone Flow

    • Slow flow teat.
    • Anti-colic effect: the anti-colic valve is designed to prevent air intake, helping to reduce irritability, reflux and post-intake colic.
    • Quiet and uninterrupted feeding: Its wide mouth facilitates the placement of the child's lips, favouring suction. Its raised rings offer a more natural feel.
    9.00 JOD
  • Puzzle

    Clementoni Puzzle (1500pc)

    • Approx package dimensions: 37 x 28 x 6 cm
    • Approx puzzle dimensions: 60 x 84 cm
    • Puzzle Pieces: 1500
    17.50 JOD
  • Baby Feeding

    Chicco Physio Soft Soother Silicone Neutral

    • Nice and soft on the delicate baby skin
    • The soft and soft nipple base allows the child's mouth to close naturally when sucking.
    • Ensure air passage to avoid stagnation of saliva and allow the baby's skin to breathe.
    4.20 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Globber Flow 125 Foldable Scooter

    • Foldable 2-wheel scooter for kids & teens. Trolley mode compatible. 
    • Triple structured deck design with EVA soft foam grip tape supports up to 100kg.
    • 4-height adjustable scooter with TPR handlebar grips in a dual-colour design. 
    99.00 JOD
  • Puzzle

    Clementoni Puzzle 3000PC

    •  Size of completed jigsaw puzzle: 118,4 x 84,5 cm
    • High quality collection 3000 pieces
    27.50 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fully Stroller Stone

    • Suitable from birth up to 36 months (max. body weight of 15 kg)
    • Convertible to double stroller by using additional seat unit (not included in delivery!) - 19 possible uses
    • Height-adjustable push bar with premium faux leather
    • Extendible canopy with mesh pocket and soother holder
    • Reversible and height-adjustable seat unit
    580.00 JOD
    522.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Color Pack for Urban Stroller

    • Colour pack to customise your stroller
    • Hood contains 50+ UV Protection
    • Pram apron can also be used as stroller legcover
    • Includes comfortable harness pads
    65.00 JOD
    48.00 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Chicco - Blanket Fox - Blue (with gift box)

    • Blanket help Made of soft velour the Schmusetücher while relaxing and falling asleep
    • Prepared for pacifiers.
    • Gift-Boxed incl
    • Soft Cuddles - A soft, loving hug.
    7.00 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Chicco Stunt Car Donnie Manny - Purple

    • Mini Collectible Cars
    • Three different personalities: Two-wheel effect, Handbrake (skid); And Caballito
    • With charging effect Pull Back: press the back to launch the mini-vehicle
    15.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco New Baby Nail Scissors, Orange

    • The following children's scissors are made of stainless steel.
    • The blades are curved with rounded tips and finger holes covered with non-slip rubber for total safety during use.
    • It is included in the package a protective cap for maximum hygiene.
    5.85 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Chicco Multi-Activity Vibrating Monkey

    • Soft rattle toy.
    • Ears make crinkle sounds.
    • The monkey's feet vibrates and has a soft plastic, ideal for teething babies.
    • Has colored beads in a ring and a banana that makes a crinkle noise.
    • Simple & Practical hook ring and it can be taken around easily.
    22.00 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Weaning cotton bibs 3 PCS

    • The Weaning Bibs have a comfortable soft cotton top to absorb food leaks and stains and leak-proof lining that prevents food and drink seeping through onto clothes.
    • It has an ergonomic shape that makes life a little easier while dealing with the weaning stage.
    18.90 JOD
  • Puzzle

    Clementoni Puzzle (2000pc)

    • Approx package dimensions: 42 x 28 x 6 cm
    • Approx puzzle dimensions: 67 x 97 cm
    • Puzzle Pieces: 2000
    19.95 JOD
  • Baby Care

    Chicco Fine-Toothed Comb

    • The fine-toothed comb is ideal to gently remove cradle caps in the first months of a baby's life.
    • It has fine teeth with rounded ends to ensure maximum gentleness on the baby's delicate skin.
    1.80 JOD
  • Baby Toys

    Globber ONE NL City Scooter 205

    • Brand: Globber Scooter
    • Type: Folding Wheel
    • Diameter (mm):205 Wheel
    • Type: Polyurethane
    165.00 JOD