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  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Calcium - Magnesium

    • Benefits: Maintenance of normal bones and teeth, Normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmitter and muscle contraction including heart muscles, Normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal protein synthesis, normal function of digestive enzymes.
    17.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Selenium

    Benefits: Selenium has a wide array of health benefits, including its ability to protect against certain heart diseases, boost the strength of the immune system, maximize thyroid function, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, reduce the signs of premature aging, protect against antibodies, boost hair health, and balance hormones.

    10.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition ALA

    • Benefits: Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA is a naturally occurring compound that's made in the body. It serves vital functions at the cellular level, such as energy production.
    15.00 JOD
  • Health & Wellness

    Scitec Nutrition Vita Greens and Fruits

    • Benefits: Vitamins and minerals are basic essential nutrients that must be adequately taken in for optimal health and high-level sports performance, it’s also very good for the immune and digestive systems.
    55.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    world fitness Spin bike

    • Weight: 140 kg.
    • The machine is a standing crossover and pike sitting machine With hands, feet, and fixed arm.
    • The device is equipped with 8 degrees to control the resistance manually.
    279.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    Orbit Track Air Walker Cross Trainer

    •  adjustable resistance allows you to alternate your workout intensity
    • The compact size makes it suitable for use in both gym and house
    • Must have for performing intense cardio sessions
    99.00 JOD
  • Sport Machines

    world fitness up to 140KG Treadmill

    • No assembly required.
    • Tread belt area is measured at 47.6" x 16.1", and supports up to 140 KG
    • Choose from ten preset cardio programs, or create personalized programs manually.
    369.00 JOD