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  • Sennheiser

    Sennheiser Headphones HD 558 WEST 504631

    • High-end open circumaural headphones with E.A.R. technology for outstanding bass and vocal projection
    • Sennheiser's innovative "Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement" (E.A.R.) design channels audio signals directly into your ears
    • State-of-the-art, advanced Duofol diaphragms for transparency and minimal distortion
    159.00 JOD
  • ennheiser Stereo earphones MX 365 WHITE 505434

    Sennheiser Stereo earphones MX 365 WHITE 505434

    • High-performance dynamic driver systems for a powerful bass-driven stereo sound
    • Outstanding wearing comfort on the go
    • Optimised for CD, MP3 players and portable gaming systems
    • Symmetrical cable
    19.00 JOD
  • Sennheiser Earphones CX 5.00i 506247

    Sennheiser Earphones CX 5.00i 506247

    • High-quality headset tuned for clarity and superior bass
    • Ergonomic, angled design for excellent in-ear comfort
    • Choice of 4 ear adapter sizes for effective noise blocking
    • 3-button in-line remote with an intergrated mic
    • Elliptical, tangle-free cable
    • Available in black or white
    65.00 JOD