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  • Toshiba

    Toshiba Sound Bar - TY-58X1000BS

    • Stylish Soundbar:2.1ch Builtin Subwoofer
    • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stream music from smartphone or computer
    • HDMI
    • 1-Year Warnnaty International
    125.00 JOD
  • Toshiba

    Toshiba B.T&CD Player Wood Speaker - TY-CWU700

    • Amplifier Output  15 Watt - 2 channels (main)
    • Power Consumption Operational 30 Watt
    • Functions  CD/MP3 player, amplifier, digital player, radio
    • Media Type  CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
    • Built-in Clock  digital clock, sleep timer
    125.00 JOD
  • Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho

    Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho

    • Eleven Minutes is the story of Maria, a young girl from a Brazilian village, whose first innocent brushes with love leave her heartbroken. At a tender age, she becomes convinced that she will never find true love, instead believing that “love is a terrible thing that will make you suffer. . . .” A chance meeting in Rio takes her to Geneva, where she dreams of finding fame and fortune.
    10.99 JOD
  • The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

    The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

    • Audie Award, Fiction, 2013
    • Margaret Atwood's popular dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale explores a broad range of issues relating to power, gender, and religious politics. Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe award-winner Claire Danes (Temple GrandinHomeland) gives a stirring performance of this classic in speculative fiction, one of the most powerful and widely read novels of our time.
    10.50 JOD
  • The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul By Deborah Rodriguez

    The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul By Deborah Rodriguez

    • After hard luck and heartbreak, Sunny finally finds a place to call home—in the middle of an Afghanistan war zone.
    • There, the thirty-eight-year-old serves up her American hospitality to the expats who patronize her coffee shop, including a British journalist, a “danger pay” consultant, and a wealthy and well-connected woman.
    10.99 JOD
  • Three Daughters of Eve By shafak Elif

    Three Daughters of Eve By shafak Elif

    • Elif Shafak is the number one bestselling novelist in her native Turkey, and her work is translated and celebrated around the world. Three Daughters of Eve, she has given us a rich and moving story that humanizes and personalizes one of the most profound sea changes of the modern world.
    9.50 JOD
  • اللعبة ليوسف الصائغ

    اللعبة ليوسف الصائغ

    • رواية “اللعبة” 1972 التي أخرجها للسينما العراقية المخرج محمد شكري جميل، وفازت بجائزة أحسن رواية عراقي
    7.00 JOD
  • Toshiba CD Radio TY-CRU8

    Toshiba CD Radio TY-CRU8

    • MP3 / CD-R
    • FM / AM 2Band Radio
    • USB Slot For MP3 Playback
    • Lin In Terminal
    • Speaker 5.7 cm X2
    40.00 JOD
  • Elizabeth Is Missing By Emma Healey

    Elizabeth Is Missing By Emma Healey

    • In this darkly riveting debut novel—a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also a heartbreakingly honest meditation on memory, identity, and aging—an elderly woman descending into dementia embarks on a desperate quest to find the best friend she believes has disappeared, and her search for the truth will go back decades and have shattering consequences.
    10.00 JOD
  • Emma by Jane Austen

    Emma by Jane Austen

    • Emma, by Jane Austen, is a novel about youthful hubris and the perils of misconstrued romance.
    • The novel was first published in December 1815. As in her other novels, Austen explores the concerns and difficulties of genteel women living in Georgian-Regency England; she also creates a lively comedy of manners among her characters.
    3.00 JOD
  • The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi By Elif Shafak

    The Forty Rules of Love: A Novel of Rumi By Elif Shafak

    • In this lyrical, exuberant follow-up to her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul, acclaimed Turkish author Elif Shafak unfolds two tantalizing parallel narratives—one contemporary and the other set in the thirteenth century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish knew as Shams of Tabriz—that together incarnate the poet's timeless message of love. 
    11.00 JOD
  • The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins

    The Girl on the Train By Paula Hawkins

    • The #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Book of the Year, now a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt.
    • The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people's lives, from the author of Into the Water.
    • “Nothing is more addicting than The Girl on the Train.”—Vanity Fair
    10.00 JOD
  • The Little Paris Bookshop By Nina George

    The Little Paris Bookshop By Nina George

    • The international bestseller, translated from the German by Simon Pare. On a beautifully restored barge on the Seine, Jean Perdu runs a bookshop; or rather a 'literary apothecary', for this bookseller possesses a rare gift for sensing which books will soothe the troubled souls of his customers
    9.00 JOD
  • طريق جهنم لايمن العتوم

    طريق جهنم لايمن العتوم

    • الرواية تنقسم بينَ بطلَين، الطّاغية الّذي يتكلّم بلسانه، والسّجين الّذي يروي مشاهداته خلال ثلاثين عامًا من العذابات الّتي لا يُمكن أنْ يتخيّلها أيّ بشريّ. 
    8.00 JOD
  • عزازيل ليوسف زيدان

    عزازيل ليوسف زيدان

    • تدور أحداث الرواية في القرن الخامس الميلادي ما بين صعيد مصر والإسكندرية وشمال سوريا، عقب تبني الإمبراطورية الرومانية للدين المسيحي، وما تلا ذلك من صراع مذهبي داخلي بين آباء الكنيسة من جهة، والمؤمنين الجدد والوثنية المتراجعة من جهة أخرى.
    8.00 JOD
  • أصابع لوليتا لواسيني الأعرج

    أصابع لوليتا لواسيني الأعرج

    • في أكثر من خمسمئة صفحة يوغل بنا واسيني الأعرج في روايته “أصابع لوليتا”، الصادرة عن دار “الآداب”، في متاهات الحب والألم، في ظلام السجون وعصور الانقلابات، متنقلا بين آلام الجزائر وأحضان المنفى الباريسي، ثوار يقتلون وثورات تغتال، أشراف يسقطون وأوغاد يعتلون العروش، مناضلون وأدباء يُلاحقون، ويُطاردون في المنافي، حتى أريج الحب الذي يعبق فجأة في ليالي يونس مارينا، لا يلبث أن يُدمر على أرصفة الألم.
    16.00 JOD
  • أرواح كليمنجارو لإبراهيم نصرالله

    أرواح كليمنجارو لإبراهيم نصرالله

    • تحكي رواية (أرواح كليمنجارو) للكاتب إبراهيم نصر الله عن مجموعة من الإفراد لا يؤلف بينهم سوى اشتراكهم في مهمة تسلق جبل كليمنجارو والوصول إلى أعلى قمته في تحد للتضاريس والمناخ السائدين في تلك البقعة الجغرافية.
    13.00 JOD