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  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Toilet Trainer Turtle

    • Help your children and train them to use the toilet
    • The seat consists of soft padded material for extra comfort
    • Handles from the sides to perfect balance for your baby
    12.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Digital Paediatric Thermometer

    • Practical and comfortable thermometer.
    • Can be used for burns, rectum or armpit.
    • When the temperature is measured, an audible signal sounds.
    6.50 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Digital Anatomical Rectal Thermometer

    • Its short, flexible tip allows a comfortable fever measurement.
    • Flexible tip for easy measurement of your baby's fire
    • The pediatric rectal thermometer measures your baby's fever within 10 seconds.
    7.25 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Infrared ContactThermometer My Touch

    • A Unique Way To Gently Take Baby's Temperature.
    • The MyTouch ergonomic shape can be placed between fingers
    • a natural way to measure temperature in the most loving way, even while baby sleeps.
    55.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Easy Touch Infrared Thermometer

    • Automatic Switch Off
    • 25 Memory Slots
    • Easy To Use- Only two buttons: one to turn on the thermometer, 
    • the other to measure the temperature.
    32.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Infrared Ear Thermometer Comfort Quick

    • Soft and breathable fabric is gentle on skin
    • Keeps the breast in the ideal hygienic conditions that help healing
    • The double external layer in breathable non-woven fabric allows the nipple and skin to breathe and prevents irritations
    • The super absorbent micro-pearls retain liquid and prevent it from seeping out to the surface
    52.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco New Infrared Distance Thermometer

    • Infrared technology offers a rapid measurement in 1 second. Time measurement.
    • Thermo Distance measures the front temperature and not only. It can also be used to know the temperature of objects and liquids.
    55.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Hot Humidifier Humi Essence

    • Humidifier Humi Essence
    • With its nice little clouds, it is ideal for the baby's room.
    • The right degree of humidity is restored helping to prevent colds illnesses or the discomfort caused by the dryness of the air
    70.00 JOD
  • Chicco
    Baby Care

    Chicco Hot Humidifier Humi AMBIENT

    • The Humidifier Humi Ambient helps to restore the proper level of humidity in the room.
    • And 'perfect for all the bedrooms, even the larger ones, and already hot.
    90.00 JOD