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  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Facial Konjak Sponge Mimos

    MIMOS Facial Konjac sponge Beter Mimos has a surprising texture that comes from the Konjac plant fibres which are taken from the root of this native Asian plant. A totally natural sponge, treated with purified water, anti-bacterial, without dyes and biodegradable.D
    3.10 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Latex Make up Sponge ,Split of 9.8*7 CM

    Make up wedge sponge, latex The shape and texture of each of its wedges enable you to evenly apply make up foundation all over the face, reaching every corner. Dampen the sponge for a natural finish, or use it dry for greater coverage.
    1.70 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Make up Retractable Brushes - Concealer

    Retractable concealer brush Orange synthetic hair suitable for hiding imperfections and masking dark circles under the eyes with a liquid or cream concealer It is retractable
    3.30 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Sewing Scissors 14 CM

    Nickel plated sewing scissors
    Expert forged and sharpened
    This multifunctional tool is ideal to cut fabrics and threads for needlework and embroidery
     as well as paper, card and first-aid supplies

    5.40 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Soft Touch Tweezers 7.2 CM

    Slanted tip tweezers,
     Soft Touch
    Specially designed for removing those difficult, stray hairs

    2.20 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Bluing straight point tweezers, 7,5 cm

    • Black coated steel, 
    • straight tip tweezers
    • The genuine and unique Beter "black Tweezers".
    •  Their tip offers an easy hold and grip of the hair to be removed. Polished by hand.
    •  Made in Spain
    4.80 JOD
  • Beter
    Beauty Tools & Brushes

    Beter Chromeplated, slanted, gilded point, 7,4

    • Chrome plated, slanted tip tweezers
    • Adapts perfectly to your finger tips for a firmer grip
    •  Their special tip helps to remove those difficult, stray hairs
    5.55 JOD