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API 100% PURE GLUTAMINE Unflavored 300G

API 100% PURE GLUTAMINE Unflavored 300G

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API’s L-GLUTAMINE is a pure, uncut glutamine powder from the world’s best, most consistent source. We use ONLY this one source to ensure our L-GLUTAMINE is always 100% pure and tested. All API products come from premium grade raw materials to meet the highest quality standards. Glutamine is an amino acid found in large amounts in the body but can be depleted through everyday activity, stress and dieting. L-GLUTAMINE is important for dieters for several reasons. It reduces cravings for sweets. It can also be an energy source for most tissues, especially when cutting calories or carbohydrates. L-GLUTAMINE reduces muscle breakdown, helping to avoid muscle catabolism.L-Glutamine is often called “brain food” since it passes through the blood-brain barrier easily and may enhance memory and focus. It has also been shown effective in preventing ammonia in the brain by eliminating excess nitrogen, which can be detrimental 

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