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ARES iComfort Massage Chair RS-K106BW

ARES iComfort Massage Chair RS-K106BW


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ARES iComfort Massage Chair is perfectly designed and ergonomic so you can enjoy multi-functional full-body therapeutic massage technologies with high-quality acoustic technology that gives comfort and relaxation
Ergonomic Super long SL Track Frame
For delicate massage, SL frame and ergonomic perfect combination, for the neck, back, waist, hips, legs to bring maximum relaxation
    S-frame region: Delicate care from neck to waist bend.
    L-frame region: Smooth connection between hips and legs.
    2D massage: Multi-angle comfortable massage.
Zero Gravity Mode
In the position of zero gravity, enjoy the massage as if you are in the outer space, so that the legs and torso are at a height of 128 degrees, the position of the thighs and the legs above the heart, and in this position, the gravity will be distributed in every part of the body evenly on the massage chair to put pressure on the whole body and thus give you a feeling of comfort and lightness.
According to the user's height and body type, it can be freely extended by up to 16 cm
Foot Roller Massage
The bottom of the foot is massaged through modern massage rollers that process of kneading and twitching in a flexible and gentle manner to remove fatigue and exhaustion

Space Saving Design
The massage chair is designed to save space and move away from the wall, so that the chair extends forward while at the same time bending backwards without the need to leave a large space between the chair and the wall. Only 5cm is needed against the wall
Whole Body Airbag Massage
From head to toe, relax your body, clear the exhaustion. Close your eyes, enjoy your wonderful massage journey with full body Airbag Massage.
Heating Therapy Feature
Reaches 55 constant temperatures, by heating back function to enjoy a warmer massage, reactivate cells and blood circulation
Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker
Integrated HIFI stereo speaker, optimized for head massage and healing music

Auto Massage Programs
10 automatic massage programs

6 Massage Techniques:
Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, Clapping, Guasa, Kneading.

1.    SL-Track Shape Curved Rail Design from Head-To-Toe
2.    Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers
3.    Space Saving Design (Zero Wall)
4.    Full Body Airbags
5.    Backrest Scanning
6.    Heating Therapy Feature
7.    10 Unique Auto-programs
8.    Zero Gravity Position
9.    Professional Remote Controller Easy to Use
10.    Unique Foot roller

Model: ARES iComfort Massage Chair
Model number: RS-K106
Color: Brown / White
Power:  170W
Upright position: 1400 X 750 X 1110 mm
Reclined position: 1610 X 750 X 900 mm
Gross Weight: 96KG
Net Weight: 80KG
Bearing: 120KG

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