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ARES uDream Massage Chair RS-K105

ARES uDream Massage Chair RS-K105

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The uDream Massage Chair RS-K105 from ARES gives you perfect physical therapy and health through the power of Shiatsu massage technology and completely covers you from head to foot with advanced multi-functional massage technologies to meet your comfort and relaxation needs with very easy control.
16 Massage Points Inside Of The Backrest    
Work together with other areas to provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to toe.
6 automatic massage programs
Automatic massage programs that meet all your needs for comfort and relaxation between the various massage modes and switch between them with ease and with one click.
1.    Recovery Mode.
2.    Relaxing Mode.
3.    Yoga Mode.
4.    Neck & Shoulder Massage Position.
5.    Back & Waist Massage Position.
6.    Dream Mode.
Heat Therapy On Waist
The therapeutic heating technology, which reaches up to 45’ degrees through two heating pads in the lower back area of the chair, helps relieve pain in the back area and stimulate blood circulation, which contributes to improving the massage experience.
Full Body Air Massage Experience
uDream Massage Chair RS-K105 provides air massage for full body including Shoulder Airbags, Back Airbag, Arm Airbag, Hip Airbag, Leg Airbag and Feet Airbag. To provide a soothing and rhythmic compression massage.
Foot Roller Massage
Located on the bottom of the footrest is a spinning reflexology massager which provide a soothing kneading style massage. As well when the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the airbags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.
Yoga Body Stretching
An automatic full-body stretching program that reduces muscle pain, so that the back muscles and ligaments fully relax, relieve fatigue more effectively. At the same time, it enables the body to swing rhythmically thus helping to enhance comfort and relaxation.
Zero Gravity Position
Zero gravity pose raises your knees parallel to your heart, and it is the correct resting position and ideal for enjoying a healthy massage because in this position the pressure is equal on the whole body and the spine is protected, which gives you a feeling of comfort and lightness.
Space-Saving Design (Zero Wall)
The massage chair is carefully designed to save space and move away from the wall so that the chair extends forward while at the same time bending back without the need to leave a large space between the chair and the wall.
Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers
The massage chair is equipped with Bluetooth that enables you to listen to your favourite music on high-quality headphones in the headrest.
1.    16 massage point in backrest work in unison with other massage zones to provide a complete massage to comfort and relax you from head to toe
2.    6 Auto Massage Programs
3.    Full Body Air Massage Experience
4.    Zero Gravity Position
5.    Heating Function on Waist
6.    Unique Foot Roller Massage
7.    Adjustable Footrest
8.    Space-Saving Design (Zero Wall)
9.    LED Remote Controller
10.    Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers
    N.W: 56KGs 
    G.W: 69KGs
    Dimensions: 1375 x 760 x 835 mm
    Color: Black & white
    Model number: RS-K105

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