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Belkin HDMI Standard Cable 4K Ultra HD Black F3Y017bt1.5MBLK

Belkin HDMI Standard Cable 4K Ultra HD Black F3Y017bt1.5MBLK


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Not only does the High-Speed HDMI Cable transmit exceptional high-quality video and audio, it also has an Ethernet channel. This makes it ideal for connecting Internet-enabled devices such as a smart TV, Roku media player, or Apple TV, without having to run a separate Ethernet cable to your router for each of your devices. The HDMI cable has a 10.2 Gbps+ speed rating, which reduces buffer time when watching online movies.
With support for 4K cinema resolution, this HDMI cable offers exceptionally rich detail. High-quality connectors minimize signal loss for uninterrupted streaming, while two-layer shielding restricts outside interference for flawless conversion. The cable is also equipped for 3D video, Full HD, and 7.1 digital surround sound.
Package Includes:
High-Speed HDMI Cable

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