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Big Nate: Welcome to My World By Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate: Welcome to My World By Lincoln Peirce


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Join Big Nate and his classmates Gina, Artur, Francis, Jenny, and Teddy, as they navigate the halls of P.S. 38. One thing's for sure: Nate is definitely not the teacher's pet!
Nate Wrights life is just like his locker--its full of surprises. The monstrous Mrs. Godfrey springs a pop quiz on Nate AND his grandparents. His horoscope predicts bad news for Nates soccer career. And worst of all, hes forced to cut back on his beloved Cheez Doodles. Its enough to drive any kid crazy. Luckily, Nates not just any kid. Hes the ultimate sixth-grade survivor. When everythings falling apart, he finds a way to hold it together ¦ but nobody said it would be easy. Welcome to the world of Big Nate!

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