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B&W C5 Series 2 Headphones Uk Ec Na Black

B&W C5 Series 2 Headphones Uk Ec Na Black

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  • Redesigned For Premium Audio And Comfort - C5 Series 2 Hifi Earbuds Feature Redesigned Drive Units For Enhanced Sound Quality And A New Cable For Better Comfort And Performance.
  • C5'S Snug Fit And Stunningly 
  • Realistic Sound Means You Can Forget The Rest Of The World And Lose Yourself In Music.
  • At The Same Time, These In-Ear Headphones Let In Just Enough Ambient Noise To Allow You To Retain Your Sense Of Place.
  • Controls iPhone Audio - Made With An iPhone Remote/Microphone Compatible Cable, They Can Control Your iPhone Just Like The Stock Earbuds.
  • They Will Also Work With All Other Smartphones, Tablets And Mp3 Players (Mobile Devices Other Than Compatible Ios Models Will Not Necessarily Offer Control Functionality)
  • Innovative Secure Loop Design - Created With A Cushioned Loop That Curls Around The Ear'S Inner Rim To Hold Them In Place, The C5 S2 Ensures A Precise Yet Comfortable Fit, Even On The Go
  • Rich And Expansive Audio - The Micro Porous Filter Acts As A Sonic Diffuser, Opening Up The Sound And Making Music Feel Remarkably Rich And Expansive, Even In A Small Package
  • iPhone Remote, Neodymium Magnets
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