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Kiss Broadway Hard lacquer Impress Manicure BIPD080

Kiss Broadway Hard lacquer Impress Manicure BIPD080


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Kiss Broadway Hard lacquer Impress Manicure "Royal Cheetah" Impress Manicure BIPD 080, short length.
Innovation!ImPress Solid Varnish will change your look at a manicure!All the benefits of a classic manicure embodied in a completely unique product - œKiss ImPress�!Hard lacquer "Impress Manicure" is an ideal option for a modern woman.
All ingenious is simple!Only two factors provide easy and quick fixation of œImpress Manicure�.The superelastic material under the influence of heat of hands takes the form of your nail, and the self-adhesive basis reliably fixes a covering on natural nails.Perfect manicure - in 5 minutes!
The method of application of hard lacquer "Impress Manicure":
Match the size of each nail.Spread it in sequential order.Before use, decrease the nail plate.Remove the transparent film.Press the œImPress� firmly onto the nail and press down.Smooth the coating on the surface of the nail.

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