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Mercusys MP510 KIT AV1000 Gigabit Powerline WiFi Extender

Mercusys MP510 KIT AV1000 Gigabit Powerline WiFi Extender

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Mercusys MP510 Gigabit Powerline Extender Kit
The Mercusys MP510 is a Gigabit powerline adaptor designed to transmit 4K video and super fast internet up to 300m without the need for any expensive wiring. The MP510 uses the properties existing electrical wiring and can achieve transmission rates up to 1000Mbps with a simple plug and play design.

Eliminate Dead Zones
By using the building existing wiring, full WiFi coverage can be achieved throughout the property by simply using the standard electrical sockets. As soon as the MP510 is connected to the router and plugged into a wall socket, the network can be extended over the whole property up to 300m.
In addition the MP510 can also transmit ultra fast data to other devices including PC's, 4K televisions and gaming consoles.
If the 2 pack kit doesn't meet your needs, it can be expanded with more powerline adaptors for even greater coverage.

LED Indicator
Helps you know the work status of your Powerline adapter
Gigabit Port
Provides high-speed wired connections for PCs, IPTVs, and game consoles
WiFi Clone Button
Copy your host networks name and password by tapping the button
WiFi On/Off Button
Press 5 seconds long to turn on/off WiFi
Pair/Reset Button
Simply push the Pair button on the adapters and quickly set up a more secure Powerline network

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