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VESTEL 4K SMART 75UD9650T V-UHD TV (75 inch)

VESTEL 4K SMART 75UD9650T V-UHD TV (75 inch)


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4 Times Clearer Image 4 Times More Vivid Colors
Vestel 4K Ultra HD Technology has 4 times higher resolution than Full HD. With its 4 times higher pixel density, it provides more vivid colors, sharpen object shapes, clarify details, and provide a 3D-like experience via image depth.
In Satellite Broadcasts; Box, Cable, Remote Control is Over!
With the internal HD digital satellite receiver, you can receive satellite broadcasts directly without the need for extra equipment. This eliminates the need for extra boxes, controls and cables.

Intelligent, Pleasant, And Rich!
Beyond a standard television, offering different content alternatives, Vestel Smart TV makes the time at home more enjoyable.
Thousands of TV shows in your TV with Netflix!
Thanks to Vestel Smart TV, it's easy to watch the most famous movies and the most popular TV shows anymore!

Image Enhacement Technology
With Vestel's patented image enhancement technology Pixellence, images are much vivid and clearer than standard display technologies.
No need to worry about which program you will watch tonight!
Do not waste your whole evening getting lost among hundreds of channels. With the Smart Guide feature, you can easily access the broadcast flow of all channels and program details. This feature is available in the Smart TV application menu, which you can use through the Vestel Smart Center mobile application.

Watch Programs Always You Like on TV!
The Smart Advice learns your preferences and viewing habits while you are watching television, suggests programs for you, and notifies you of popular programming

4K Ultra HD
It provides better image quality with 4 times more pixels in the same screen size than FHD. Higher watching pleasure is achieved with more vivid colors and depth.

Internal 4K Satellite Receiver
With the internal 4K UHD receiver, you can watch 4K broadcasts without the need for an extra device.

Quadcore Processor
Our new Quad-Core processor products are now performing up to 4 times faster.

With Vestel patented image enhancement technology Pixellence, images are more vivid, clearer and closer to reality.

Vestel Quantum Color Palette
Thanks to Vestel Quantum Color Palette technology, even the finest details in the images are visible. This allows a more colorful image to be achieved. The green and red color performances of the products increase, the images appear more colorful and vivid. Provides bright images with High Brightness Technology. Thanks to MEMC technology, the blur and distortion are prevented by the additional processor in fast-moving images.

Smart TV
Beyond a standard television, offering different content alternatives, Vestel Smart TV makes the time at home more enjoyable.

Smart Center
Thanks to Smart Center technology, which is only available at Vestel TV and Vestel Tablet, you can exchange images between TV and tablet, control all applications and functions of TV via tablet. With Vestel Smart Center you will get a new multimedia experience at home.

High Sound Power
The High Sound Power allows more powerful and better TV sound, increasing your pleasure.

Internal Wi-Fi
Without the need for a separate device connection, you can easily connect to the Internet wirelessly from your TV.

Super Motion Rate 2200 Hz
Super Motion Rate (SMR) combines superior panel refresh rate and background illumination with advanced Pixellence technology. It provides an excellent improvement in moving image performance.

Internet Browser
Do not settle with applications on your Smart TV, surf freely on the internet with the Internet Browser option.

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