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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, White | SKV4110GL

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  • This clever Xiaomi Mi robotic vacuum cleaner: The high-quality 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery will keep the robot running for up to 60 minutes, then the vacuum cleaner will reach the charging station by itself and, after charging, resume where it left off. You don’t really have to worry about anything. Just empty the garbage tank. As is customary with Xiaomi, you can monitor all settings and the cleaning process itself via the Mi Home mobile application (Android / iOS), in the English localization.
  • Laser Detect System, abbreviated LDS – Allows the robot to detect obstacles and independently build routes. Higher speed, Higher accuracy, Longer range. 12 types of multidirectional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, easily avoiding obstacles.
  • Multi ModeThree operating modes: Dust cleaning in a standard mode without wet cleaning. Mopping. Quick cleaning.
  • Professional cleaning: Imitation of manual cleaning, repeated double-sided cleaning
  • Powerful Suction: Power 2100 Pa, 33 W, Equipped with brushless motor, regulates air duct, easily absorbs dust particles
  • Intelligent Fast information processing, real-time map creation: The quad-core Cortex – A7 processor with the dual-core mali400 image processing module provides high-speed operation. Collection and processing of information from the sensor in combination with the SLAM algorithm, mapping, and planning of the cleaning route in real-time, high cleaning efficiency.
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