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ARES iRelax Foot Massager

ARES iRelax Foot Massager

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ARES iRelax Foot Massager, a multi-functional massager for foot care and relaxation is portable and easy to carry in the office or at home.

Heating therapy covered on the foot:
Carbon fiber with heat therapy, Geting warm quickly, safety, Cover the whole foot  and cozy warm can promote blood circulation and relieve muscle tension on foot.
Ad hoc groups at the instep of carbon fiber generate thermal effects of 50 degrees.
Feet covered with two pcs of carbon fiber heating cloth with heat protection.
Thermal effects of 50 degrees.

All wrapped air compression:
Full wrap pressure massage
360 ° airbag compression massage covered on feet.
It can promote blood circulation, medicinal properties.
Ankles and feet with two airbags, close wrapped, deeply kneading massage on reflexology zone.
Pressure foot massage while effectively fixed feet, tumbling, scraping and law (shake) massage movement can give a more comfortable massage experience.
Two sets of air bags on ankles.
Two sets of air bags on feet. 

Vibration massage:
Vibration on arch of the feet.1100times/minute. 

Toes and heels with kneading massage:
Two sets of kneading massage roller give a deeply stimulation on feet reflexology zone.
toe with roller kneading.
Heel part with roller kneading 26rounds/minutes.

Point massage, dredge meridians mode
Focused on stimulating the soles of the feet and arch area, promote relaxation feet
Recommended people: ladies with high-heeled shoes, beauty female.
Soothing relaxation mode
Foot roller / Air-compression / rhythm massage combination, soothing relaxing pace
Recommended people: the elderly population.
Reflexology mode
Air compression + foot massage roller+ rhythm massager, strong intensity, eliminate fatigue.
Recommended people: all people, mothers, computer users, car owners and other sedentary people.

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