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ARES Portable Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager with Heating RS-NS101

ARES Portable Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Massager with Heating RS-NS101

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Neck and Shoulder Massager impresses with its elegant and stylish design. The delicate surface and the good flexibility of the massage heads make the massage pleasant and comfortable. The unique 3D massage function provides the pleasure of hand massage.
The massager allows you to adjust intensity and speed to suit your needs. The programs last up to 10 minutes - to achieve complete relaxation of the muscles.
The use of a high-performance DC motor makes the use quieter.
U-shaped design, perfect fit to the cervical vertebrae, in line with the human body structure curve, multi-faceted massage of the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs, is your body masseur.
The built-in massage point adopts the principle of 6 stainless steel mechanical arm rolling.
Compared with the original pure motor design, the effect of the simulated human deep massage is more obvious, just like the masseur massages on your shoulder.
With comfortable heating function, it fully imitates the natural temperature of the human hand and gives you a comfortable massage experience.
4 kinds of massage modes: 1. Continuous gripping soothing mode, 2. Pulsating and pinching massage mode, 3. Deep soothing mode, 4. Relaxing massage mode, you can choose freely.
1.Kneading neck and shoulder massager.
2.Intelligent movement.
3.Use the PU environment protection material, safe and non-toxic.
4.Two kinds of massage mode to meet different requirements.
5.Non-slip handle to prevent the use of fatigue.
6.Shell and circuit installation, safety massage and more comfortable.
7.Deep massage, kneading massage, more comfortable.
8.Micro-computer control, more reliable and convenient.
9.Unique 3D smart design imitates hand massage.
10.4 Kneading Rollers and 2 Pinching Nodes.
11.Heating capabilities.
12.Adjustable Modes & Speed.
13.Ultra Mute Function & Power-off Protection.
14.Safe and Convenient With A 10-minute Automatic Timeout.
15.Soothing heat and overheat protection system.

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