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Origin By Dan Brown Book

Origin By Dan Brown Book


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Origin By Dan Brown Book is the novel Origin by Dan Brown, when billionaire researcher Edmond Kirsch is killed it is up to Robert Langdon and Ambra Vidal to honor his memory by making public his findings concerning the origin of human life and its destiny.The novel takes place in four different cities across Spain.Langdon has spent much of his career globe-trotting from Paris and Rome to Washington, D.C., and inOrigin, hetreks throughfour cities in Spain, each of which offers its own intriguing opportunities for storylines. The plot kicks off at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, where Langdon is attending an event announcing an exciting new piece of technology. Following that, Langdon travels to Seville, Barcelona, and the countrys capital, Madrid. Some of the lead characters inOriginare newcomers to Langdons world.Originintroduces both new colleagues and new enemies for Langdon. The novelopenswith a presentation from billionaire computer scientist Edmond Kirsch, Langdons former student who invented a mysterious but life-changing new piece of technology. But Kirschs invention, which addresses some of the most fundamental religious questions the world has ever faced,disappears. Soon after, Langdon is forced to go on the run with beautiful museum director Ambra Vidal by his side as they try to unravel secrets that will change their lives forever.InOrigin, Brownfocuses onmodern, rather than ancient, art.Previous boks in this series saw Langdon unraveling secrets of ancient and Renaissance masterpieces. ButOrigintakes a new direction,focusing on modern technology, science, and art and pondering if science will make religion obsolete. In aninterview withPublishers Weekly, Brown declined to specify exactly which works of art Langdon will be deciphering.
Origin By Dan Brown Book

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