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PANASONIC Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000W œ Black

PANASONIC Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000W œ Black


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Mega Cyclone
Max. Input Power 2000 W
6-layer Filtration System with Double HEPA

Long lasting suction power

Dust expelled from the Cyclone and maintains air flow to the filter. Mega Cyclone technology separates dust from the air, Then you remove dust in a large capacity 2.2L dust chamber tightly for it, prevents filter clogging, It maintains strong suction power.
Curtain nozzle for stress-free fabric cleaning

Curtain nozzle attachment removes dust and even pet hair without ever removing the curtains. The slots ensure that the attachment does not absorb the fabric and snag for easy, stress-free cleaning. This nozzle not only allows you to clean a variety of curtains but also many other textile products.
The full capture nozzle is ideal for edges and corners

The full capture nozzle allows you to reach the edges of the wall and clean every corner. Original design from Panasonic, The front cover opens and the nozzle cleans every corner when it hits the wall. Even places that tend to collect dust can be cleaned.
Double HEPA filter

dual HEPA system, which consists of a main filter and an exhaust filter, It also captures fine particles for a clean exhaust.

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