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Samsung AirDresser Steam and Heat Easy Installation and Wi-Fi

Samsung AirDresser Steam and Heat Easy Installation and Wi-Fi


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REFRESH WITH STEAM POWER Three Air Hangers release air and steam throughout AirDresser to refresh clothing inside and out while relaxing light wrinkles
SANITIZE CYCLE With AirDresser™s Sanitize cycle, high-temperature steam penetrates and sanitizes clothes
EASY INSTALLATION Simply plug your AirDresser into a standard 120V outlet and you™re all set; no separate water line or professional installation necessary
DEODORIZING FILTER Eliminate 99% of stubborn odours that linger in fabrics caused by smoke, perspiration, and food with the built-in deodorizing filter
WI-FI CONNECTIVITY Control your AirDresser remotely as you start, pause, receive notifications, and get cycle recommendations right on your phone
ADD YOUR FAVORITE SCENT Freshen up your garments and reduce static cling by inserting your favourite scented dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish Compartment
GENTLE, LOW-HEAT DRYING Get faster yet risk-free drying with Heat Pump Drying, designed to reduce the risk of heat damage and shrinking for delicates and special fabrics
WEIGHT KIT Included weight kit speeds up your ironing routine as you renew pant pleats and smooth out wrinkles
SELF CLEAN TECHNOLOGY Ditch the rubber gloves with Self Clean technology that eliminates odours and build-up inside of your hairdresser
DEHUMIDIFY ROOMS AND CLOSETS Leave the AirDresser™s door open and use the dehumidifier feature to remove excess moisture from any room or closet

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