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TCL Air conditioner 1.5 ton TAC-18CHSD/XAC1

TCL Air conditioner 1.5 ton TAC-18CHSD/XAC1

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Very quiet sound


feel and automatically adjust the room temperature

Set feature for smart air distribution while sitting

Convenient and smart distribution of cooling and heating

clean and hygienic

Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and fungi

Indicator to remind you to clean filters

R32 gas is environmentally friendly and more energy efficient

Energy savings of up to 70% (A+++)

 Self-cleaning and sterilization (evaporator can clean itself and pull out oom humidity)

High security - and artificial intelligence

Copper tubes for indoor and outdoor unit

4 meters of copper pipes

WIFI Control 

Electric protection on the compressor in case the current drops to 300 watts

Compressor with anti-burning feature 5 directions of air

The compressor works up to 60°C

Ease of disassembly and maintenance

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The delivery will be within 2 business days unless it is mentioned otherwise. 

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