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TCL | Top Freezer Refrigerator | P545TMS

TCL | Top Freezer Refrigerator | P545TMS


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Multi airflow
536 L
Swing Flow
Smart mode
Chiller room
Fresh box with humidity slider
Anti-fingerprint matt stainless steel finish

Multi Air Flow
Cold air is distributed evenly at each level of food storage. Better air circulation and faster return to the target temperature guarantee better food preservation.

Swing Flow
Temperature sensors are placed on both sides of the fridge to measure the temperature of each zone. This allows the processor to direct the oscillating air flow to the hottest areas of the cavity to bring the temperature down more quickly.

Use of a natural tourmaline ore as a raw material, ground into powder in the refrigerator lining to spontaneously and permanently release a large number of negative oxygen ions to form a natural cold chamber in the refrigerator.
Smart Mode
What if your refrigerator was capable of speeding up the refrigeration or freezing of food after opening the doors for a long time? This autonomous reaction capacity is now possible thanks to the Smart Mode. The appliance's electronics detect variations in temperature and humidity, and immediately regulate the production of cold in order to restore the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer as quickly as possible, so that food can be stored in optimum conditions.

Chiller Room
The Chiller Room compartment is a space that makes it easy to store your meat, fish and other delicate fresh products at an optimal temperature of 0 to 3 °C.

Fresh Box with Humidity Slider
2 large drawers for fruits and vegetables with humidity sliders, allowing to adjust the required humidity according to the type of food for an optimal conservation.

Anti-fingerprint matt stainless steel finish
Used daily by all occupants of your home, your refrigerator is constantly exposed to stains, scratches and fingerprints. Opt for a refrigerator with a matt stainless steel finish. Thanks to this resistant and aesthetic coating, you will extend the life of your refrigerator and optimize its maintenance.

TCL | Top Freezer Refrigerator | P545TMS

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