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Xiaomi Mi Flip Buds Pro

Xiaomi Mi Flip Buds Pro


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40 dB active ger noise reduction: The Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro supports 40 dB active ger noise reduction. Depending on the environment, you can choose between three ANC levels such as tall, office ,and travel to achieve the optimal shock suppression performance.
Three microphones call noise reduction: Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro has three microphones for caller noise cancellation as well as a QCC5151 Ultra-Low Power Audio Chip that finely processed external ambient noise and voices. It can accurately capture human voices while reducing your shower. The words are clear and no distress during the call.
Low latency gaming video and audio: Based on the QCC apt Adaptive Dynamic Codec Protocol and Bluetooth 5.2 technology, it offers a low-latency game and video experience and syncs audio and video for playing and watching movies.
11 mm ultra dynamic sound driver: Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro is equipped with 11 mm ultra dynamic sound drivers. bring an immersive and shocking experience.
Bluetooth 5.2: Bluetooth 5.2 is on the Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro. It consumes less power and offers a wider range with lower effects of Wi-Fi signals compared to previous Bluetooth versions.

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